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FloDynamic Ltd is an Oil and Gas Consultancy firm focused on utilising proprietary developed software. Our On-Line application, “SmartFlo” allows Completion, Production and Reservoir Engineers to optimise the design and operation of their well(s). The frustration of having to use various software platforms to predict flow profiles and overall well performance led to the development of SmartFlo. The SmartFlo approach simplifies workflows to reach the end goal which in turn helps the user become more effective.

What does SmartFlo do?

– SmartFlo is a ‘Quick-look’ well performance simulator from toe to wellhead.

– Flow and FBHP profiles are provided across the reservoir section as well IPR/VLP.

– It allows users optimise and improve their lower completion designs

– It allows users to quickly compare well performances of various lower completions designs eg. Openhole vs ICD during the ‘Well design phase’.

– Complements PLT/DTS/Gauge data by allowing users to compare ‘actual well data’ vs. ‘simulated data’

– Lower Completion scenarios covered in SmartFlo are:

  • Openhole
  • ICD / AICD / ICV / SSD
  • Gravel Pack completions (Cased and Openhole)
  • Cased and Perforated
  • Fishbone (Coming soon)

– End product: Well Performance Report delivered within 48hours of receiving data

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